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Product Name

Brief Description

Extra High Tension (EHT) Insulation Tester

Mains Operated High sensitivity with output stability; High Charging Current

 Safety Compliant with IEC:61010

MB Insulation Tester

Mains cum Battery Operated

High sensitivity with output stability High Charging Current Type Tested as per BIS11994:86


MHT Insulation Tester

Motor cum Hand Operated

Multi-ranged upto 5kV & 2.5kV

High terminal Short Circuit current High sensitivity

Type tested as per BIS 11994:86, EMC/EMI/SAFETY tested as per IEC 61326/61010-1

HGT Insulation Tester

Hand Operated Generator, Type Tested as per BIS2992:87

High Charging Current Highly stable test voltage combined with high sensitivity

Test  & Measuring Instruments 

Range of products in insulation testers suitable for extra-high voltage (EHV), high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) applications and are highly effective in accurate measurements in highly inductive fields.

Prepaid Energy Meters

 Tamper Proof, Whole Current 3-Phase, 4-Wire type; DLMS compliant Prepaid Energy Meters. Communication with

Optical/IRDA/RF/GSM/GPRS modes