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RIKKEN Instrumentation Ltd. (RIKKEN) is apioneer in power related testing, measuring and metering instruments. The Company manufactures AC static energy meters that is type-tested from accredited government laboratory and strictly adheres to various national and international norms such as Bureau of Indian Standards, International Electro-technical Commission & Central Board of Irrigation and Power.


The Company has developed a range of products in power meters, power analyzers, PQ Analyzers, clamp meters, capacitor check meters, multi-meter which has multiple usages. The energy meter products include Availability Based Tariff (ABT) based inter-utility metering systems, tariff metering with Remote Metering, Single Phase Energy Meters, 3 Phase 4 Wire Whole Current Energy Meters, LT-CT Meters and HT Meters. In the test instruments department, Rikken offers a range in Insulation Testers suitable for EHV, HV and LV applications and highly effective in accurate measurements in highly inductive fields. The Company also offers industry-specific and utility specific, electricity management solutions.


RIKKEN’s commitment for excellence and innovation has won it may accolades, including the state award for quality anddevelopment. However, in the Company’s opinion, the best testimony to its products and solutions has been total customer satisfaction, both in the private and public sector in India,as well as in overseas markets.

Test  & Measuring Instruments 

Range of products in insulation testers suitable for extra-high voltage (EHV), high voltage (HV) and low voltage (LV) applications and are highly effective in accurate measurements in highly inductive fields.

Prepaid Energy Meters

 Tamper Proof, Whole Current 3-Phase, 4-Wire type; DLMS compliant Prepaid Energy Meters. Communication with

Optical/IRDA/RF/GSM/GPRS modes